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Contact and Warranty Information



*If you are still within the retailer’s return window, please contact the retailer immediately for a refund or exchange. The retailer’s return window is your only opportunity to receive a refund or exchange. Rockland is not the retailer from whom you directly purchased your items. Rockland is not a retailer, and we do not sell directly to the public.


*Please do not send any checks or money orders before confirming the handling fee and replacement luggage with the customer service department via email. Please email first.


*If you do not see Rockland customer service emails at first, please check your spam and trash folders. Sometimes, email filters will throw out legitimate emails. If you do not find our emails in your spam and trash folders, please email us again.

*Please note that Fox Luggage does not provide any box services to return items to retailers. We cannot offer reimbursement for any return postage to the retailer. Any costs or materials associated with returning items to the retailer are between the customer and the retailer.

For replacement of damaged luggage under warranty:

Fox Luggage Inc. warrants for a period of five years that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of its original purchase. In the unlikely event that such a defect appears during the warranty period, Fox Luggage Inc. will replace the product with a comparable model (i.e. we will endeavor to match your original item, but if it is not available for replacement, we will find a similar model). You do not need to ship the damaged luggage back to us, and you may dispose of it at your discretion. Please note that replacement luggages are not guaranteed to be new, but they will be in working condition. Please note that though we do not charge for the replacement luggage itself, shipping the replacement luggage to you will require a handling fee of up to $40. We accept payment via credit card or check/money order via mail. Warranty replacement is only valid for US mailing addresses. Customer service only works via email. Customer service has the right to make final judgments. Customer service has the right to refuse service.


With this information, if you would like to start a warranty claim to replace your luggage, please send us the following:

- Proof of purchase (must show order date, order number, and retail store)

- Images of luggage, and damaged area on luggage

- FPO Tag (please see sample image attached)

- Size(s) of luggage are damaged, if applicable.

**In order to fulfill warranty claims to replace entire luggages, a handling fee is ALWAYS required.**

If you cannot provide proof of purchase, the standard $40 will apply to you, and we cannot lower the handling fee even if you have a smaller item like a carry on.

After we have received those pieces of information, we will follow up with further details and instructions.

**Please note that we cannot replace a luggage or bag sent out as a warranty replacement that has been damaged from subsequent use. You cannot start a new warranty claim on it because it is tied to the first warranty claim filed.**

For replacement of individual parts for hard case luggages:


If the body of the hard case luggage is still good with no cracks, we can provide replacement wheels, telescoping handles, carry handles, and side bumpers at no cost to your US mailing address. Should you need replacement parts, we will follow up with more information about them.


Please write to us at:

ATTN: Product Services

Fox Luggage Inc.

221 North Orange Avenue 

City of Industry, CA 91744

Address all questions and concerns to customer service at:

The customer service department works primarily via email.

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